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We offer industrial quality hot-dip galvanised manufacturers scaffolding for sale. Ring Lock system scaffolding is the industry standard for modular scaffolding and offers unbeatable durability, simplicity and versatility. Our extensive range of scaffolding products are manufactured in accordance with BS1139 or EN74 certifications and we utilise strict quality controls and advanced manufacturing equipment to provide you with exceptional quality scaffolding you can trust.

To get started simply add all the items you require to your shopping cart using the easy order list below and submit your order. We will then contact you to confirm your order and arrange payment as well as shipping. A minimum total order quantity of one 20 foot or 40 foot shipping container (15 – 17.5 ton) is required. Total order weights are shown at checkout. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote please contact us.

Ledgers "O"$4.35$16.69
U-Transoms "U"$3.13$11.69
Base Jacks, Plates & Caster Wheels$1.46$30.91
Steel Planks 320W "U"$16.27$42.33
Steel Planks 320W "O"$19.31$45.66
Aluminium Ladder Decks "U"$127.99$199.42
Strengthened Transom "U"$5.92$32.07
Bridging Ledger "O"$18.36$34.27
Brackets "U"$8.05$14.22
Brackets "O"$9.74$15.47
Toe Boards$3.71$9.29
Iron Toe Boards$3.71$19.53
Temporary Fencing$29.80
Fixing Anchors$0.39$6.34
Lattice Girders$80.40$112.93
6m (19'-8") Galvanized Pipe$19.40
Gin Wheel$21.75
Ladder Gate$13.60
Base Collars$3.68$5.66
Aluminium Stairs$24.84$169.59
Shoring Props$14.64$28.58
Steel Planks 190W “U”$11.15$28.59
Steel Planks 190W “O”$13.77$31.74

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